Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas, pt. 1

So, a bit of a delay. My apologies for that, but the holidays have kept us busy. This year was a new Christmas experience for us — we spent it as a nuclear family here in NC. In some ways it was difficult for everyone — feeling the absence more acutely at holidays, and all that. But in other ways it was great. We had lots of quality time together and have actually been able to play with some of the gifts the boys received. Packages began arriving here a week or so before Christmas, and it hasn’t stopped yet. Some of the highlights — a bow + mallow [a bow which shoots marshmallows]; Heely’s, and the Wii. Labeling those as “highlights” is not to suggest that other gifts people have sent were not also well-received. But these three lend themselves well to photos. Pictures of the boys watching Mr. Bean’s Holiday aren’t that compelling, although the audio track would be. HBA has a pretty good Mr. Bean impression, which you will have to call to hear as I can't get a sound file to load.

So we now have small marshmallows decomposing across the front lawn, and I am wondering about the diets of local wildlife. The bow is quite satisfying to shoot, very tactile, makes a nice “thunk!” sound, and sends the marshmallow about 30 feet. This picture series does a pretty good job of capturing it. We developed a game where we aim the bow straight up and try to catch the marshmallows as they fall — certainly not good training for a real bow with arrows. The hardest part was discouraging RBA from chasing after the marshmallows he missed, picking them up off the ground and eating them. It was an instinctive reaction for him that was almost impossible to stop. He would grab them, pop them in his mouth, laugh, and immediately say, “sorry!”

More on the Heely's and Wii soon — I've got quite a backlog of posts to work through.

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