Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hunting for Spring

The weather here is mild, absolutely nothing to complain about. But, I think everyone in our house has been affected differently by seasonal affective disorder, and spring here is really quite dramatic. So, today, we went to the Arboretum with our cameras to hunt for the first signs of the changing season. R said you "can feel spring on your skin." I asked what it feels like, and he replied "warmness." True enough. They found all sorts of chutes, buds and blossoms and particularly liked the Okame Apricot tree, and the Arnold Promise Witchhazel. While the Bloodgood Red Twig Dogwood is very striking, I think we were more interested in the name, which is fairly difficult to say quickly.

You can see the highlights here. Also, while you are there, take a look at our frigid (note the Merry X-mas in ice on the inside of the hotel window) but enjoyable Christmas in Chicago, about which I haven't written a thing. Busy times. Good times, though.

More to come.