Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Christmas "tree"

So, some have asked to see photos of the Christmas "tree." Here you go. The story is, we live in a small house and annually feel guilty about putting a dying tree up, struggling to keep it as alive as possible, then throwing it away. So this year, the boys + I took a walk in the woods and collected dead + down branches, bound them up and put them in a vase. The result is above, in a very poor quality cell-phone image... But you get the idea.

Friday, December 7, 2007

a few more pictures:

A few more pictures. There are plenty more here and here, (thanks to my sister).


So, we are just now catching up after the Thanksgiving break. My parents + sister came into town and we had a mini-Christmas celebration. Nice time had by all. We walked in the woods, collected and compared leaves, looked them up on the computer to determine their identity. We collected pine cones, interesting branches and made crafty things with them. HBA wanted to recreate the family stocking tradition, so we made stockings out of felt and decorated them, then rushed all over town buying stuff to put in them.

We saw the local theater company’s production of an Appalachian mystery play — “A Beautiful Star,” which we enjoyed a lot, although we were glad that RBA fell asleep prior to the Isaac / Abraham scene, in which Abraham struggles with and prepares to sacrifice his son. Thought it might be a bit much for him, and I was glad not to have to field those questions. However, since then, he has grown quite attached to the Beautiful Star soundtrack. He claims that his favorite song is “all of them.” HBA prefers “Waterbound.”

Over the course of the weekend, we ate a lot, ate well, and ate often, particularly Lucky 32 — the perfect holiday. Although, came to work this week, saw this, and felt guilty for our gluttony. In the end, so glad they had the chance to visit. Here are a few photos, thanks, in part, to my sister.