Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Christmas "tree"

So, some have asked to see photos of the Christmas "tree." Here you go. The story is, we live in a small house and annually feel guilty about putting a dying tree up, struggling to keep it as alive as possible, then throwing it away. So this year, the boys + I took a walk in the woods and collected dead + down branches, bound them up and put them in a vase. The result is above, in a very poor quality cell-phone image... But you get the idea.


Jenn and BJ said...

Right on! Love the tree.

Is that R's head in the photo? Did I spot Lori's violets still blooming in the window? What a green thumb she has!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Damon said...

Regarding the head, on closer inspection we're not quite sure who it is. L thinks H, D thinks R. The violets were a gift from one of our new neighbors. She gave them to us a a few months ago, and they've been blooming now for 2 months.