Friday, January 4, 2008

Deer, pt. II

RBA has been going next door with me to our neighbor’s house to feed her cat while she has been out of the country. He is my “flashlight point man.” It is a short walk, maybe 50 yards. But he walks very close to me, holds my hand, and looks with his big eyes into the woods between the houses. The other night he told me he was scared of deer. I told him there was nothing to worry about they are more afraid of us, than we are of them. As we walked out of the house, he said look!” About 15 yards in front of us were two deer — a mother and a fawn. She froze, looked at RBA, then looked back toward our house, then back at us, then back toward our house. I told RBA to be very still. There was another fawn in front of our house. We stood and watched for a few seconds. When I told him, “see, they are more scared of us as we are of them,” he smiled and then quickly walked out toward the mother. About four steps in her direction, her white tail went up and they flew off into the woods to the right. RBA yelled, “Daddy, look!” On the way back to our house, he told me he is no longer afraid of deer.

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