Thursday, February 14, 2008

Book meme

Mr. T tagged me, so alright...

"Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more."
The nearest book is Edward Tufte's Envisioning Information. Page 123 is the index, so maybe that isn't the best book. Second nearest book is Noel Ignatiev's How the Irish Became White. I'll report for both and let the reader decide.

"Find Page 123."
[easily done]

"Find the first 5 sentences" [which appears to mean, summarize the first five sentences]
various items re: Edwin Abbott - aerial photography. [Tufte]
A brief excerpt from a novel which relates the story of how the main character murdered an African American with a pump handle. This begins the chapter, "The Tumultuous Republic," which traces the effect that anti-Black riots by Irish in the middle of the 19th century had on Irish understanding of their own whiteness. [Ignatiev]

"Post the next 3 sentences."
- "Aesop's fables 65; Akahata [Red Flag] 28; Albers color demonstrations 92-93" [Tufte; so I know these aren't really sentences, but in the absence of periods, I used line breaks to signify a sentence]
- "That is a passage from The Quaker City, an 1844 novel by one of the most remarkable writers the country has ever known, George Lippard. Now forgotten, Lippard was the best selling author in America before Harriet Beecher Stowe. Before he died in 1854, two months shy of his thirty-second birthday, he wrote twenty-three separate books, ranging from thick volumes to pamphlets, scores of uncollected stories and 'legends,' hundreds of news and editorial columns, and wrote or collaborated on several plays; he also founded his own publishing house, edited his own weekly paper, and lectured widely." [Ignatiev; not good writing — Lippard nor Ignatiev]

Tag 5 people.
Anyone interested? Consider yourself tagged. Beej?, Em?, Madame Yocum?

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Emily said...

You know, I was tagged in someone else's blog recently - I don't know how to respond, not having a blog of my own. Is there a clause providing for non-blogger's involvement in this tagging process? Here - I will tell you here what page 123 of the nearest book says - the book is The Lais of Marie de France - pg 123, first five lines are "...onto the palrey, behind her. / With her he went to Avalun, / so the Bretons tell us, / to a very beautiful island; / there the youth was carried off." It's the end of a 'lai' about a guy named Lanval who's lady love had to rescue him from false accusations and an angry king. Next three sentences: "No man heard of him again, / and I have no more to tell." (The last line of the poem), then "In this lai, Marie presents a contrast between the world which love enables lovers to create for themselves and the world of ordinary human society, where they must otherwise live. The world of love is complete in itself; secular society, even in its noblest form, the Arthurian court, is shown to be severely limited."